ESR4 – Nadia Gadi

Born and raised in Algeria, Nadia started her studies in fundamental chemistry at the University of Mouloud Mammerie Tizi Ouzou where she obtained her first Bachelor’s degree. After that, she moved to France and had an equivalence of her diploma in general chemistry after a year of study at the University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines.

Passionate with the environment field, especially by water treatment she completed a Master in Environment and Geomaterials at Gustave Eiffel University, followed by a research internship in the research laboratory of that same university (LGE) which focused on the electro-Fenton process for activated carbon fibers regeneration and pharmaceuticals removal from water, during this period, she was introduced to the eAOPs for water treatment at lab scale. At the end of the internship, she was hired for 8 months as a research engineer by LGE, for further exploration of the process used during her internship.

Motivated to take a step further and to work on eAOPs  applied in wastewater treatment at industrial scale, Nadia is now an Early Stage Researcher at Nijhuis Industries (Netherlands) working on the ESR4 InnovEOX project “Reactor and process design for industrial implementation of eAOP” supervised by Dr. Nadine Boelee (Nijhuis Industries) and Prof. Raf Dewil (KU Leuven).

This project will focus on solving the major issues of micropollutants removal from water such as mass transfer, electrode fouling… and lead to a full scale novel reactor concept able to remove efficiently organic pollutants at low concentrations without adding chemicals or producing any toxic byproducts.

In her free time Nadia loves to travel, cook and work out.


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