ESR5 – Ali Zeeshan

Zeeshan Ali is a physical chemist and materials engineer with the main aim of providing sustainable scientific solutions for a green future. He completed his bachelors in metallurgy and materials engineering from his homeland Pakistan with a specialization in surface science and tribology. After completing his bachelors, he moved to Europe and carried out a joint master degree in Chemistry from France and Portugal under SERP+ (Erasmus Mundus) program. He completed his master thesis in the field of photo-electrochemistry in which he investigated the organic ways of boosting the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC).

He has joined the Water Management group at TU Delft as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) under InnovEOX project. His work is dedicated towards the enhancement of catalysts for anode selectivity in order to improve the photo-electrochemical oxidation of micro pollutants in waste water. He is looking forward to meet people with diverse scientific and cultural background and to broad his knowledge spectrum. He likes to cook, enjoys travelling and tries to learn new languages. He is excited to experience his PhD journey under the InnovEOX project


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