ESR7 – Zhongda Liu

Zhongda Liu is a chemical engineer from China who specializes in environmental issues. He is now is a PhD researcher at the University of Patras, in Greece.

Zhongda obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology in 2016. Later, he continued his master’s study in the same department and specialized in catalytic processes for wastewater treatment, exploring novel carbon materials and ultrasound assisted processes for advanced oxidation processes. During his master’s study, he participated in two research projects, published three journal articles, and made two oral presentations at international conferences. He was also awarded First Class Scholarships and received Merit Student Award in his university.

After graduation in 2019, he was hired as a research assistant in his group for six months. Afterwards, he worked in the semiconductor industry for four months as an etch process engineer for wafer manufacturing.

Now, he is an early stage researcher in MSCA-ETN InnovEOX, taking the role of ESR7 with the focus on electrochemical modification of catalytic activity for water treatment, under the supervision of Prof. Alexandros Katsaounis (UPatras) and co-supervision of Dr. Achim Ried (Xylem) and Prof. Frédéric Lynen (UGent). This will be the first systematic investigation of Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC, or NEMCA) in wastewater treatment.

Apart from research, Zhongda also has a passion for basketball and table tennis. He also enjoys challenging his brain with chess and Rubik’s cube.


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