Nijhuis Water Technology is a part of Nijhuis Industries and is a large SME with a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Nijhuis Water Technology designs, manufactures and delivers robust technologies, solid solutions and added value services to treat effluent, process water, biogas and air across a wide range of industries and municipalities with more than 2400 references around the world. Nijhuis offers a unique portfolio of market leading solutions for primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, waste to value and disinfection. Nijhuis offers high quality, reliable and competitive solutions to help our valued customers to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and ensure minimum life cycle cost at the same time. Nijhuis has provided the business with a wealth of expertise based on their innovative vision, in-house technologies, market experience and a wide range of added value services. The Nijhuis Industries laboratory facilitates both internal R&D research as well as commercial testing and analyses for clients, including ozonation and AOP research and testing, determination of biodegradability, toxicity, and biogas production potential of wastewaters from various industrial and municipal processes.


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