Inopsys develops mobile and modular installations for on-site treatment of hazardous, toxic and non-biodegradable side streams from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Until today, the majority of these waste streams go on transport for incineration which is 100% destructive as well as polluting. Therefor Inopsys provides its customers with a selective and sustainable solution based upon AOP technology for the removal of API’s and toxic organics.

Due to this innovative concept of Inopsys, the linear and destructive method changes into a circular and sustainable process. Process streams,  previously regarded as waste, are now purified and customized with recuperated valuable components and removed API’s as a final result. The added value for Inopsys’ customers is: no transport (less CO2), recuperation of valuable components at a lower cost and an increased sustainability of their process.

Inopsys is an innovation driven company that looks for the best solution for each client, while maintaining the flexible, modular and mobile philosophy. This innovative spirit translates in the profile of the current employees (50% of the employees are working in the R&D department). Because advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are an important disciple in the R&D department, all members have a specific background in this topic.


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