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In 2017, Ghent University invested over 297 million Euros in research projects on behalf of public and private partners, and employed around 7,300 academic staff members. Ghent University is ranked 69th in the Shanghai and 107th in the Times ranking. The University has participated in more than 200 research projects in the EU’s 6th Framework Programme (2002-2006) and in 263 research projects in the 7th Framework Programme, of which it coordinated 42. Ghent University is under Horizon 2020 involved in around 215 projects, and coordinates 19 of them. The university hosts 57 ERC grant holders and acquired 46 MSC fellowships. In H2020, it is involved in 34 ITN projects (6 as coordinator). The university provides excellent training opportunities to both young and experienced researchers, for which it has been rewarded the HR Excellence in Research label by the European Commission. Ghent University awarded 674 PhD degrees in 2017 (30% went to international young researchers). The Separation Science Group (SSG) is a broadly recognized group which has been central in the development of various disruptive technologies allowing improved organic analysis through separation sciences and mass spectrometry.


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