InnovEOX virtual kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the MSCA ETN InnovEOX project took place on the 3rd of June 2020. Due to current COVID-19 related circumstances, the meeting couldn’t be organised in Liverpool as planned, so the project team gathered together online, via Zoom.

InnovEOX team meeting on Zoom

During the first session, InnovEOX researchers and their supervisors, the management team and representatives of the partner organisations engaged in a series of presentations and interactive discussions regarding science & technology, management, communication / dissemination and other aspects of the project.

During the second session of the meeting, the InnovEOX researchers learned about data management, data storage (with Box as a tool for data storage) and the importance of using proper tools in order to work together efficiently in collaborative projects (hands-on training in Podio – used as intranet tool in InnovEOX project).

Hands-on training in Podio

The day ended up with a team-building interactive workshop, consisting in a series of exercices using Mural digital whiteboards as a tool for visual remote collaboration. During this workshop, the InnovEOX team tried to identify project challenges that can be addressed as a team and to find actionable solutions to these challenges.

Interactive workshop using Mural



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