Since 1950, till 2015, humans have produced approximately 8.3 billion metric tons (MT) of plastic and half of it was produced in recent years. This weight is equivalent to 1 billion elephants. If this sentence does not concern you, let me break it down a bit more. From the whole production waste (~6.3 billion MT), only 9% goes to recycling, ...

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Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability

The amount of demand placed by our ever-increasing population, together with the increase of affluence and affordability make necessary an increase in industrial activities. As expected, the increase in demand for various products placed heavy demand on the raw materials to be extracted and manufactured with its pertinent demand in natural resources (water, land, mining activities and energy). Consequently, this ...

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Pharmaceuticals in the waters

Hello dear Readers, My name is Rafael, I am the ESR13 (that lucky number) of the InnovEOX project. I am the first ESR to start my project and the first to start the blog. My first topic will be about the presence of pharmaceutical compounds on the water streams and their impact on the ecosystems. Pharmaceuticals in the waters Pharmaceuticals ...

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