InnovEOX present at the 17th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Separation Technology (HTC-17) in Ghent, Belgium

Five Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) attended the HTC-17 held in the beautiful city of Ghent from 18 to 20 May 2022. This conference was organized by Prof. Deirdre Cabooter (Chair) and Frederic Lynen (Co-Chair) and covered fundamental and practical aspects of liquid-phase and gas chromatography.

The program of the conference included topics such as sample preparation and hyphenation, emerging detectors, method development and artificial intelligence, column technology and stationary-phase developments, miniaturization and chip technology, dealing with data complexity, mining and curation.

Conferences are always a great opportunity to enjoy the variety of cutting-edge topics, exchanging of ideas and opinions with top tier researchers, meeting new colleagues with same research interests and the abundant networking opportunities during the conference.

Each ESR presented their recent research advances through poster presentation, as seen in the pictures below.

ESR 09 Quynh Khoa Pham “A novel and reliable solid-phase extraction method for the simultaneous extraction of polar and non-polar organic pollutants from wastewater

ESR 10 Allisson Barros “Online LC and RPLC x RPLC coupled with QTOF-HRMS as a generic to study the degradation of environmentally relevant micropollutants

ESR 11 Elena Bandini “Products in wastewater via Comprehensive temperature-responsive LCxLC-HRMS

ESR 12 Ardiana Kajtazi “De Novo structural elucidation principle via in Silico chromatographic retention index prediction for micropollutants in wastewater

ESR 13 Rafael Reis “Development of a heart-cutting 2D-LC method for the analysis of emerging micropollutants in wastewater

Finally, congratulations to ESR 11 Elena for winning the 3rd prize of the HTC-tube contest!


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